Coming out of deep traditions of love and identity, African hair braiding has powerful social, aesthetic, and spiritual ties. It all stems from what is, at its core, a love affair with hair.

You have a wonderful opportunity to connect with those traditions and uncover the beauty, elegance, and grace of the intricate and stunning designs we offer. All you need to do is call.
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Located in the Escondido, CA. Easy access from freeway: I-15 or 78 from I-5 . Place include convenient parking and near our location we have EV charging station.

We offer reasonable pricing and a military discount.

Come explore with us the radiance and glamour of hair. Let us indulge you with a new, unique, and breathtaking look.

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Come explore with us the radiance and glamour of hair. Let us indulge you with a new, unique, and breathtaking look.

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If there’s anything here you like, just let us know when you call and we can schedule you in. There’s nothing beyond our capability. Your hair will make a statement of beauty and elegance that will be unmatched.
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Come explore with us gorgeous styles for your children.
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My name is Helen L Skrzypczak. I am from Sudan, in north-east Africa. I came to America via Egypt and I have been in California for 20 years.

My skill in braiding came very naturally. No one taught me, I explored the beauty that could be found from hair on my own. I love everything dealing with beauty and hair. Working with different people from different backgrounds, especially with Americans. My experience in doing hair started when I was eleven and has improved with time. I have been working in America for 20 years in many different braiding shops and on my own. No matter where I work, or what job I have, I always look for the opportunity to create beauty that will rest on one’s head.


We take clients by appointment only. We are very flexible in our scheduling. So it doesn’t matter how busy you are, please don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your look.

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